Great New Things!

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot is happening here at Elite Tournaments! We have substantially grown our list of nation-wide events and the task load seems to be endless. To provide the best possible experience for participants and staff alike, we needed to up our game… So Elite Tournaments has hired new staff, upgraded both our website and our office space, and are having more fun than ever! We are excited to use this blog as a tool to introduce you to all things happening at Elite Tournaments and give you a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes leading up to our events.

The first thing that we would like to share is our new office space. If you are familiar with our company, many of you know that the first few years of Elite Tournaments involved three employees working out of our owner, Mike Libber’s personal office in his house. Many of those days were spent cluttered together, tripping over dogs and babies, and taking multiple trips to the storage unit. When the company began to grow in 2010, the office was re-located to a small warehouse building in rural Mount Airy. The offices seemed vast and felt like it would provide more than enough space for the budding business that Elite had on the horizon… but alas, NOT!
By 2012 the space was at capacity. With an expanse of employees beginning to be departmentalized and an expanding stash of soccer equipment, the growing pains of the space were beginning to be evident. The space remained functional for a while after, but it was clear that something had to change. The next step of the journey would be revolutionary for the company. In 2013 Elite Tournaments began a rental contract in Columbia, MD closer to the Soccer Association of Columbia’s complex at Covenant Park. This is a main location for many local events and a key client instrumental in Elite’s growth as a company; it was also the location of additional storage for Elite Tournaments and seemed like the obvious choice.

So that was it, or at least it was supposed to be for a little while… However with an office that housed 12 full time employees, regular business meetings, and multiple interns, the space was simply not enough. Employees shared offices and resourcefully developed methods for working together in confined spaces. Meetings were shuffled and charts were created to make sure that the office flowed as easily as possible; vertical shelving and creative golf cart parking became a staple of the warehouse space. Over all the space was tight, but had the feeling of your entire family sharing an RV. It was tight, constantly messy, but so full of fun that no one really minded.

Fifteen years after the inception of Elite Tournaments, we have now expanded into the office space next door providing a total of 12 offices, two conference room, two work rooms, and a stretch of warehouse space that has tripled anything that we had in the past. We are still tripping over dogs and babies, but at this family run company we wouldn’t have it any other way.