Elite Tournaments is excited to offer the opportunity for partnership across many of our events! Whether you are looking to sell a product, or promote your brand, Elite Tournaments can find the perfect option to get your company in front of our participants. We offer many customized options that will help create brand awareness for your target audience.
vendor positions are available!
Encouraging players to further their education at the collegiate level is an important part of our business. If you are involved in recruiting services and would like to help us in that mission, let us know!
vendor positions are available!
Don’t see a card that your business falls into? No problem! Let us know what you are interested in selling, and let us see if we can make it happen!
Sports Equipment
vendor positions are available!
Do you sell a product that will help increase the sporting experience? Awesome news! Let us know what you sell and how you will demo your product, and we will make sure it is seen by the masses.
Digital Photography/Videography
vendor positions are available!
If there is one thing people love, it is digital footage of their player being awesome! Whether it is game filming or team photography, we can find you a spot!
Food Service
vendor positions are available!
If you are a vendor wishing to provide refreshments at one of our events, we have a spot for you! Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, popcorn, snowballs, ice cream; if it’s edible, we’ll find you space!
vendor positions are available!
Do you have fun apparel or playing accessories that you think our participants would enjoy? Let us know and we will figure out where we can make your sales the highest!
Service Sponsorship
- Let’s work it out!
Elite Tournaments is honored to accept the gift of time. If you have a service that you would like to donate to our company, let’s work together! As long as it makes sense for our company’s needs, we will be looking forward to this partnership.
Product Sponsorships
- We’ll take your stuff!
Elite Tournaments gladly accepts in-kind donations in the form of products. As long as it is adding to the quality of our events, we are interested in working together!
Financial Sponsorships
- Show us the money!
Invest wisely by donating to an Elite Tournaments event. Benefits include direct e-mail marketing, product displays, and online real estate.