Elite Tournaments is a leading provider of full service event management. We provide customer packages that address the specific needs of your organization. We can assist your organization with an existing event or help create a new event.
the top level teams from all age groups for the tournament.
We leverage our extensive database and contact to recruit teams to events as well as retain those teams that have previously played in the tournament.
Website Management
Website Management of the tournament page including updates and design
We utilize in-house staff to maintain tournament website, provide real time updates, as well as manage social media accounts for tournaments.
Housing Management
Housing Management for out of area teams to ensure a quality customer experience
We will work with hotels and teams to coordinate hotel rooms and special requests for all teams requiring housing.
Merchandise Sales
Merchandise Sales managed both onsite and through pre-orders and post event orders
We can fully manage the inventory, order taking and fulfilment of tournament merchandise including all financial management and staffing.
College Recruiting
College Recruiting opportunities through our relationships with coaches
We utilize our relationships with college coaches to attract them to attend events with recruitable athletes to maximize their exposure.
Financial Management
Financial Management of tournament records to control costs and maximize revenues
We follow established accounting practices to monitor revenues and expenses, establish budgets, and audit records to track all income and expenses.
Referee Assigning
Referee Assigning to place the appropriate level referees on each game
We provide in house assigning as well as work with local assignors to find referees to cover all the matches as well as match the referees with the level of play and age of the teams.
Staffing tournaments with knowledgeable and experienced people to run the event
We provide staff to operate in the various roles required during the tournament to supplement and/or replace volunteer staff from the host organization
Event Logistics
Event Logistics executed to provide a stress free and successful event.
We provide complete operations management including procurement of equipment and services from suppliers. We develop an operations and logistic plan for distribution and collection of all equipment.
Team Communications
Team Communication sent to teams, coaches, managers, and participants to disseminate information
We provide complete communication for all participants to distribute important tournament information. We make sure that everyone is in the know.
Competitive and fair events for both in-state and out-of- state teams
We are able to account for coaching conflicts, field usage restriction, referee assignments, and other influences into an event schedule. We will work with teams to accommodate out of state teams who may have travel limitations due to flight schedules.
Administrative Doc.
processed such as sanctioning and applications
We will submit all sanctioning applications as well as process all tournament applications or other required documentation.